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Купить ⭐️ PREMIUM ⭐️ Telegram | TDATA format | MIX | +7 Russia (RU) | 2FA

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⭐️ PREMIUM ⭐️ Telegram autoregistry | TDATA format | Gender: MIX | +7 Russia (RU) | 2FA |

Telegram accounts are registered automatically. via android app

Country of registration: Russia.
Gender: MIX (male and female).
Output format: TDATA

Rules of use:

1) Only high-quality private or mobile IPV4 proxies
2) Login via Telegram.exe. (There is no guarantee for use in software, use at your own peril and risk).

Instructions for use:

1) Download Portable Telegram
2) Follow the received link;
3) Download the archive
4) Unpack the archive in a convenient place
5) In the unpacked folder, drop telegram.exe
6) Launch it.